Friday Faves: Dogs On Deployment

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Happy Friday, everyone!

I’m trying out something new today. On Fridays (probably not every Friday, but I’ll try my best!) I’m going to share with you a favorite of mine. It may be a person, a product, an organization, a company — whatever I think is awesome, interesting and something that you need to know about! I’m not receiving any compensation or kickbacks from any of the Faves I select to feature, so everything I write here will be my truthful feelings. I’d really love to know what you think about this idea and the Faves I choose, so please leave me a comment with your thoughts.

Without further adieu, here’s my very first Friday Fave!:

dogs on deployment logo

It tears my heart out when I hear of someone having to give up their pet, for whatever reason, but I know that sometimes, circumstances arise and people have no other option but to make that tough decision. The very hardest stories for me to swallow are the ones of military men and women who have to give up their pets when they are deployed or are transferred to an area that doesn’t allow their pets (damn you, BSL!!) and have no other viable options.

In a perfect world, pets would be recognized as essential members of a family and be guaranteed accommodations or boarding by the military, but we all know that the world we live in is far from perfect. But, for service men and women who thought they had no options for their pets other than family members, friends or as a last resort, the shelter, there is a program that can help with care for their pets until they return home: Dogs On Deployment. This wonderful organization, founded by a military husband and wife, aims to bring peace of mind to members of the military in regards to their pets. Their nationwide network of volunteer foster families and resources allows for those facing deployment or a move to find a loving and safe place for their pets to stay while they are away. Additionally, Dogs On Deployment (which provides resources for all pets, by the way — not just dogs) works to advocate for military pet owner rights on military installations, grants financial assistance for military members with pets facing emergency situations, offers spay, neuter and vaccine programs and helps to provide pet insurance.

For those who serve to protect us, don’t you think it’s the least we can do for them to provide loving, safe care for their furry family members until they are able to return home to them? If you have pets, you know how strong the bonds are between animal and owner — why should they have to be broken on account of a deployment? They shouldn’t.

Although I don’t like the concept of war and wish that we didn’t even have a need for military service people, I certainly respect their bravery and am forever grateful for the sacrifices they make each day so that I am able to live the life I do. We are already beyond the number of pets that we’re supposed to have in our townhouse (oops!), so to bring in more pets as fosters through this program is impossible, but it’s an organization that I have donated to in the past and I believe wholeheartedly in the work they are doing. Down the road, when our housing situation allows, we will most certainly open our home to animals in need of foster care.

midas-family dod

2014 Military Pet of the Year and Dogs on Deployment Mascot, Midas, with his family.

If you know of a military individual or family in need of foster care for their pets, please, please let them know about Dogs On Deployment! Even better, if you you have room in your home and in your heart, consider registering as a foster family so that the DoD boarding network continues to grow. This awesome organization depends on donations, so if you are able, a donation would go so very far in helping them to fulfill their mission!

Dogs on Deployment is a national, 501(c)(3) organization and has been recognized with several awards of excellence.

Thanks so much to everyone involved with Dogs on Deployment for the excellent work you are doing for our service members and their pets!

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One thought on “Friday Faves: Dogs On Deployment

  1. Again Jena you amaze us with your ideas and the writing of them. You are so talented and we are very proud of you. Love you always! Gram & Pop

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